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hey this is Phil towers you can find me at Phil Stowers dot site Rubik comm it's in the description box right down below alright let's get to it today's video is from an article I wrote many months ago what is an SEO article writing service if you're the owner of a business you […]

hey this is Phil towers you can find me at Phil Stowers dot site Rubik comm it's in the description box right down below alright let's get to it today's video is from an article I wrote many months ago what is an SEO article writing service if you're the owner of a business you have to stay on top of your marketing expenditure and an SEO article writing service can help you do that marketing is crucial for the success of any business if you use the right techniques strategies and methods you can enjoy tremendous success if you don't you'll miss out on a lot of opportunities one of the most powerful things you can use is search engine optimization you can do this yourself or you may wish to use a search engine optimization article writing service to help you the factors that are necessary to build out a properly executed article to meet the requirements of Google Yahoo Bing and others are highly sophisticated and constantly changing you might find it easier to allow a professional service to do the writing while you enjoy the traffic so what is SEO SEO is a marketing discipline that is centralized around increasing your article service or website visibility in organic search engine results there are creative and technical aspects of these marketing efforts that are necessary to improve rankings increase awareness of your product or service excuse me and compel people to look at what you're doing for the world an excellent marketing strategy has to include the words placed on a page and the caliber of other sites that have found your content important the structure of your site and the are of paramount importance to the algorithms that mathematically control which sites will be seen and which will be relegated to lower rankings however with all of these factors in place it is still one of the basic principles guiding SEO that articles have to be structured for high rankings but they must be written for humans it is both an art and a science with mathematical formulas determining which aspect is most important one of the big factors involved in achieving interests at links to a site are the choice of keywords and keyword phrases that are chosen for each article on the site these keywords are the words placed in search engines to find information needed what we know as Internet traffic bulls down to what somebody is putting in that little search box in the middle of the page articles have to reflect these keywords so that ultimately traffic will flow to the site where the article is published by the way if you're actually listening to me I have customers who have shown me their Google Analytics data and my articles the kind of writing that I do actually has increased readership has increased the time on page that is to say that the amount of time a person actually stays on the page to see what is there and Google in Google Analytics has proven that the bounce rate on my articles is lower so I can honestly say to you that my articles have increased these statistics for certain websites in the world and as a result of that more people have become engaged more people have decided to purchase and the bottom line is the articles have helped increase traffic which has increased the amount of money my clients have put in their pocket a nautical writing service can help you save time so you don't have to worry about writing new and fresh content for your market you need to constantly publish new articles but this task can become wearisome over time that's why an SEO article writing service can not only write high-quality content but can do it using the latest SEO guidelines principles and standards a good freelancer worth the money will know things like out-of-place inbound and outbound links to an article they will have an understanding of how many times the keyword should be stated - in the article the SEO article writing service will have knowledge surrounding how to choose tags that will further assist surfers to engage in the article skilled in choosing images and videos that have the appropriate metadata attached is also very important a professional service will know how to do all of these things as part of writing an article using these techniques you can enjoy higher rankings and avoid missing out on first page results a variety of article services exist some will only write the article for you some write the article for you and then post it to your WordPress blog others take it a step further by conducting all the research writing the content proofreading posting it putting it on social media and even offering analytical reports when it comes to the fast-paced digital world today you need to do a lot in your business to compete it is not possible to just put up a website and have your customers purchasing your products and knocking on your door in today's busy and competitive online atmosphere you have to find a way to be found without attention you'll never be able to build the interest and then ask for an accident action such as subscribing buying or promoting your product or servus consider the advantages and the excellent return on investment you will achieve by involving an SEO article writing service in your project getting folks to know like and trust you is the basis of any marketing process and the strategically written and well-placed article with sound keyword research will do a great deal to solidify your place in the marketplace of ideas well I wrote that yeah that was a I have to say that was a well-written article so anyway if you need an article if you need to talk to me about something you're trying to do on your website I have function as a consultant before I have a Bachelor of Education degree of Master of Science a TEFL certificate from Prague Czech Republic I've taught English in other countries I have been English tutor and I have been a writer for many many years decades so let me know if I can help and you can find me at Phil stores site Rubik com thank you for listening have a nice day

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